Dachshund Lapel Pins

Dachshund Lapel Pins

Dachshund Lapel pins

Dachshund Lapel pins, made by Pins By Frank, offer beautiful detail and make perfects gifts. The dachshund is also referred to as a wiener dog or sausage dog due to its long body and short legs.  It is made in Cranston, Rhode Island, USA using lead free white metals and is three dimensional.  Our dachshund pins are a perfect gift for a daschund owner or in a fundraising campaigne. 

Dachshund Lapel Pins are 2 1/2 ” long &  1/2″ to 1″ h

Our Dachshund Lapel pins have a military back clutch, also called butterfly clutch and are 2.5″ across and 1/2″ to 1 ” tall.

Finish choices include Antique copper and Antique silver

                                                             1 to 11,      $5.00 each

                                                           12 to 99,   $3.00 each

                                                            100+        $ 2.25 each

A bit of Information About Dachshunds (partially taken from Wikipedia) also called Wiener dogs.

A typical Dachshund is long bodied and muscular with short stubby legs. Their front paws are paddle shaped for extreme digging. They are scent hound dogs and bred for hunting small animals. Today, they are excellent family companions, show dogs and small game hunters.  Their temperament can be described as devoted, lively,  clever and a bit stubborn.courageous,

Dog Breed: Hound Dogs,   Height: 8″ to 9″ at shoulder, Weight: 16 to 32 lbs.   Life Span: 12 to 15 years Dachshunds are primarily bred in two sizes; Standard 16 to 32 lbs and Miniature 11 to 16 lbs, also referred to as “Tweenies”

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