The “Hope” Light Lighthouse – A Beacon of Light and Hope

Hope Light lighthouse pins, commissioned by Rudy Bess in 2014, were made by Pins By Frank to replicate the lighthouse in Metropolis, Illinois.                          The Hope lighthouse stands 30 feet tall and consists of a white conical shaped, reinforced steel tower beneath a teal day mark band and black lantern room with a white-light  flashing beacon. 

On November 5th, 2014 the lighthouse was dedicated to the fight against all cancers.  Shortly thereafter, the lighthouse was approved by the Illinois Department of Tourism to be an official state attraction due to its unique symbolic characteristics.   Today it continues to be a landmark of great interest to travelers visiting Metropolis, Illinois.  To learn more about the lighthouse: and

As with most lighthouses, the Hope Light lighthouse serves to light the way as a beacon of “Hope” for inspiration and encouragement.  

Over time education facilities  have purchased the Hope Lighthouse pins for student Graduations. 

Pins By Frank is proud to have made these pins which are hand painted and lead free.  The message they send is one that is important and we are delighted to have the opportunity to share it.

Anyone who might like to learn more about this pin or custom made pins can visit:   or email,  [email protected].