Gallery of Custom Pin Ideas

Pins by Frank would love to help you develop the perfect item that makes the recipients feel proud to wear your brand.

We’ve worked extensively with the following industries:

  • The Hospitality Industry, including Hotels, Hospitality Colleges, Convention & Visitors Bureaus &Tourism Boards. 
  • Corporations, we’ve developed custom jewelry for Employee Recognition Programs, Customer Appreciation, Trade Shows & Promotions
  • Education and Educators, including developing designs for Colleges, Universities, High Schools, Sports Teams, Leagues and Middle Schools.
  • Event Planners often hire us to create pins for Meetings and Themed Special Events.
  • Churches and Retirement Communities have used the pins to welcome new members.
  • Organizations, Clubs, Associations, Spa’s & Plantations have long used our products for promotions
  • Government Agencies to Market their City, State and multiple other agencies.

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Custom Made Corporate, Meeting Planner and Themed Event Lapel Pins


Custom Made University Lapel Pins 


Custom Made Association, Organization and Student Club Pins


Custom Made City, State, and Government
& Non-Profit Lapel Pins