About Us
Since 1987, Frank & Marie Bouchard have developed lapel pins for clients.

Pins By Frank, Lapel Pins & Custom Products

Pins by Frank is an online company. Since 1987, Frank & Marie Bouchard have developed lapel pins for clients within the hospitality, education, and business communities to name a few. We offer unique and custom lapel pin products. Also, with a spirit of excellence, we serve corporate events, schools, hotels, and those within the hospitality industry. To date, professionals continue to customize our products for their marketing purposes. Consequently, domestic and international organizations enjoy our Pineapple Hospitality and Restaurant Collections. 

American made products based in Rhode Island, USA.

Thus, as a symbol of hospitality, the pineapple continues to inspire the production of our flagship products – customizable pineapple pins. They are highly regarded as a cost-effective way to say “Welcome.” Moreover, pineapple pins are routinely perceived as powerful communication symbols with a welcoming signature.  We encourage you to view our printable “Pineapple Story” and some “Creative Ideas” for using our pineapple pins or related products.

Our most popular collections include:

  1. Pineapple Pins & Hospitality Collection
  2. Seaside Pins Collection
  3. Rhode Island Pins Collection, and
  4. Custom-Made Lapel Pins Collection

Furthermore, our pins are instrumental in projects focused on team building, training, and inspirational and/or motivational causes, as they perpetuate solidarity. Also, for more usage illustrations within organizations, consider the following stories:

Finally, we appreciate your business and for sharing any product satisfaction with your professional networks. Our aim is to become one of your most trusted and valued suppliers now and for the near future.