Custom Made Lapel Pins – Your Logo or Your Design

General Information & Examples of  Custom Made Lapel Pins

Pins by Frank is eager to work with you to create custom made lapel pins that will achieve your goals, exceed your expectations and provide you with a competitive advantage. 

Custom Lapel pins provide benefits such as:

  • Enhanced  visibility resulting in more customers and more business
  • Employee or Client Reward Programs
  • Communicate pride

To receive a Free Quote we will need:

  • Your  logo or design
  • Your shape and size selections
  • The finish; choosing from gold, silver, pewter, antique, or copper.
  • The paint colors ,if needed. Paint  can be hand painted epoxy or baked enamel.
  • The quantity desired (150 minimum)
  • ” Need by” date if there is one ( custom made  lapel pins require approximately 6 to 8 weeks from order  approval to delivery.)

Custom Made Lapel Pins: Corporate, Meeting Planner & Themed 

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Custom Made University Lapel Pins 

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Custom Made Association, Organization and Student Club Pins

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Custom Made City, State, and Government
& Non-Profit Lapel Pins

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