Seaside Collection reflects “Lighting the Way” and “Making a Difference”

Seaside Collection- A variety of Pins found in and around our Coastlines

Pins By Frank Seaside Collection includes a unique variety of lapel pins, many reflective of USA’s beautiful coastlines. You will find a variety of Lighthouse Pins, Lobster Pins, Sail Boats, Dolphins, and a Quahog/ Clam Pin along with a Starfish Pin and a “Starfish Story” about how the Starfish symbolizes the idea of how small acts of kindness can “Make A Difference.”

Lighthouse Pins; 1.25″ tall, gold finish

                   1 to 11 Pins: $4.50 each

                  12 to 99 Pins: $2.50 each

                   100+ pins: $2.25 each

Seaside Collection Lighthouse Pins “Lighting the Way”

Our Seaside Collection offers a variety of Lighthouse pins in multiple color selections.

Lighthouse pins are 1 ¼ inches tall, have a butterfly clutch and are available in a variety of colors; Black & White, Red & White, Glitter & Diamond Dust, a popular favorite of our clients. For hundreds of years, lighthouses have provided guidance and direction – a point of light in a time of need, a beacon of help and hope.

The Lighthouse Pins designed by Pins By Frank are unique, colorful and have been enjoyed by collectors and Lighthouse fans alike. They are also available with MA for Massachusetts, RI for Rhode Island, and CC for Cape Cod.  They can be customized for any other state and color combination. There is a one-time fee for customization.

Starfish Pins, 3/4,” military clutch, 

          1 to 11 pins: $4.00 each

          12 to 99: $1.70 each

          100+ pins: $1.60 each

Seaside Collection Starfish Pins- Making A Difference

Our Seaside Collection includes a Starfish pin which helps to teach about “Making A Difference.”  They are offered in gold or silver finish. The “Starfish Story,” is about  “Making a Difference” and can be used by trainers, mangers and educators to inspire, motivate and teach. The “Starfish Story” is available on a book mark at $.60 each or can be printed from the home page of our web site.

Clam/Quahog Pin; 1.25″wide x 1″ tall

          1 to 11 pins: $4.00 each

          12 to 99 pins: $1.70 each

          100+ pins:  $1.60 each



Our  Seaside Collection includes the Clam, often called Quahog in the Northeast. These hard shelled clams inhabit waters along the Atlantic coastline.  Small quahogs are called “little necks” and medium ones are called cherry stone’s. Both are seafood favorites throughout New England and the Atlantic coastline. 

Palm Tree pins are 3/4 tall and available in gold finish or with added green painted tops. 

             1-11 pins: $4.00 each

             12 to 99: $1.70 each

             100+ pins $1.60 each

             Green Tops add .50 each


The Palm Tree Pin

The Palm Tree Pin was designed with event planners and the tropics in mind. This pin will enhance a tropical feel for any resort, restaurant or hotel.  Historically, palms were used to symbolize Peace, Victory and Fertility.

They are available with hand painted tops painted tops  and have a military clutch also called butterfly back.

Dolphin Pins are 2″ tall x 1.75″ wide 

                1 to 11 pins: $4.00 each

                12 to 99 pins: $1.75 each

                 100+ pins: $1.60 each

Lobster Pin with Bar Back is 2.1/4″ long x 1″ wide. 

                  1 to 11  pins: $5.00 each

                  12 to 99 pins: $3.50 each

                   100 + pins: $2.75

Scallop Pin, 1/2″ x 1/2″

           1 to 11 pins: $4.00 each

           12 to 99: $1.70 each

            100+ pins: $ $1.60 each