Rhode Island & Providence Pins

Rhode Island pins and Providence pins represent the smallest state in the United States of America and our capital city. Rhode Island is only 48 miles long and has 384 miles of shoreline. This East coast state, often called the Ocean State, abuts the Atlantic Ocean and is often referred to as the Ocean State. Rhode Island pins were designed as a tribute to our State, our City, our beautiful coastline, which offers endless enjoyment to residents and visitors alike. To see pins that represent our coastline check out our Seaside Collections.

Pins are 1.25″ tall x 3/4″ wide,hand painted.
1-11 pins:$4.00 Each
       12 to 99 pins: $2.75 each
   100+ pins: $2.50 each

Rhode Island Baseball Pins -Trading Pin-Little League Pins

RI Baseball Pins can be worn by proud team players, used for trading with competing teams or worn by friends and family to show support. Pins made by Pins by Frank are made in Rhode Island, hand painted and are lead free.

RI Wave Pin, with Military clutch
$5.00 each 1-11
$2.25 each 12-99
$1,75 each 100

Rhode Island Pins with Wave Design

The Rhode Island Pin with wave design is available in Aqua and White with Gold finish or Blue and White with Silver finish. They have a military clutch back and can be used to represent our state at trade shoes or game exchanges.

RI Rooster pin is 1″ tall x 3/4″ wide
$4.50 each for 1 to 11
$1,85 each for 12 to 99
$1.70 each for 100+

Rhode Island Red Rooster –Rhode Island’s State Bird

According to Wikipedia, the RI Red is an American breed of chicken first bred in Adamsville, a small part of Little Compton RI. Rhode Island Reds are bred for egg laying, meat and are also show birds.

Dr. NB Aldrich first named the RI Red which were called Malays before that. RI Reds were initially bred with a Malay Cock from England which is now on display at the Smithsonian Institution as the father of the RI Red.

          RI Anchor Pins

1 to 11 $4.50 each
12 to 99 $1.90 each
100+ $1.70 each

Rhode Island Anchor Pin

The anchor has been used as a symbol for Rhode Island since the colony’s founding in 1636, well before the region claimed statehood. The Seal of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations features a maritime anchor as its central image below the phrase “HOPE.”

Providence Pins

The Providence Pins were created by Pins By Frank as a tribute to a segment of our states history. The Providence Independent Man statue was placed on top of the dome of the Rhode Island State House on December 18, 1899. It is 11 feet tall and consists of 500 pounds of gilded bronze. The many references to an “independent man” that were made during the discussion and planning of the design of the statue led to it being referred to as the “Independent Man.”today. The statue has only been down from his lookout once. On August 9, 1975, the statue was taken down for repair and a new coat of gold leaf. He was returned to his rightful place on July 20, 1976. Providence Pins are made in Rhode Island have been worn proudly to represent our amazing city and this small peace of our history.

Lighthouse Pins with RI 1.25″ tall , $4.50 each for 1 to 11, $2.75 for 12 to 99 and 2.50 for 100+ Also available with MA for Massachusetts, and CC for Cape Cod. Can be personalized for other States
Independant Man Pin is 3/4″ square, military clutch, $5.00 each 1-11, $2.50 each 12-99, $2.00 each 100 or more