Rhode Island & Providence Pins, Made in Rhode Island

Rhode Island  & Providence pins represent the smallest state in the United States of America, and it’s capital city of Providence.  Rhode Island is only 48 miles long and has 384 miles of shoreline. This East coast state, often called the Ocean State, on the Atlantic Ocean offers many miles of beautiful coastline.  Rhode Island pins were designed as a tribute to our State, our City, and our beautiful coastline, which offers endless enjoyment to residents and visitors alike.  For out-state-visitors planning a visit, we suggest visiting https://www.goprovidence.com/plan-your-trip/visitors-guide.                      

Our pins were made to be reflective of our resources and history and include: Our Rhode Island Anchor Pins, RI Rooster Pins, RI Baseball pins, Rhode Island Clam/Quahog pins, and the Ocean State Wave pins. And just for Providence, our Providence Independent Man pin.                           

Over time, the Rhode Island and Providence pins have become a favorite of local Little League Baseball Teams as trading pins when games are played out-of-state. Many organizations have meetings out-of-state also exchange our Rhode Island pins, to proudly showcase our state.                  

To see additional pins such as Lobster, Starfish, Scallop and gold clam pin, check out our Seaside Collection.

The above list of pins are in-stock items, so we generally have a supply ready to ship.  All pins are offered in three price points, offering greater discounts when purchasing greater volume.  The breakdown throughout our site is as follows: 1 to 11  pins, 12 to 99 pins and 100+  pins.

Orders can be placed using our order form.                                                                                                              

If you have an idea for a custom Rhode Island Pin, we would be delighted to offer a complimentary quote.  Just send a picture of what you’d like, the size and quantity and when you need them. 

There is a minimum of 150 pins for any custom pins we make and the time frame ranges from 4 weeks to about 6 weeks.  Email to [email protected].