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Lapel Pins for Hospitality, Service, and Support

Since 1987, Pins by Frank has been setting the industry standard for lapel pins in hospitality, service, and support providing an unique way to welcome new guests and members, show gratitude to teachers and volunteers, and give support to the land of dreams.

  • Welcoming and appreciation with pineapples – click here
  • Saying thank you for service with starfish – click here
  • Representing our country with pride with flags – click here

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Our commitment is unparalleled. We provide sliding price scales based on order volume shipped the next day after purchase order is processed. We provide 1 up to 500 pins per order allowing for gifts, events, welcome packages, tourism and more!

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Pineapple Pins Collection is our most prized collection great to welcome and appreciate new guests, residents, members, and employees. Read the pineapple story here.

However, the following collections continue to be highly cherished among our long-standing customer base:


Silver starfish for teachers and volunteers service


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    Several of our collections are great choices for team building, training, inspiration and motivation because they symbolize hospitality, “Making a Difference” or “Lights of Hope.” Check our “Pineapple Collection & Story,” our “Starfish Pin & Story” and our “Lighthouse Pins” to see how they can work for your company or organization.

    Our goal is to grow through referrals by offering quality products at value pricing with exceptional customer service.



    Tourism & Hospitality Management

    Hi Marie,
    I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to email you. YES, I got the pins and absolutely LOVE them!! Thank you so much! I’ve showed them off like crazy! I really appreciate the great service and attention to detail in the final product. I will definitely contact you for more pins and/or more projects in the future! Thanks again!

    Stacey L. Smith, Ph.D.
    Program, Director Dept. of Management & Marketing
    Lackawanna College, Scranton Pennsylvania

    Lackawanna College, located in Scranton, Pennsylvania is catching employees doing something right! Members of the College family are encouraged to award pineapple pins to a member of the administration, staff, faculty or student body caught in an act of hospitality towards another. Everyone checks to see who has pins and how they got them. It has increased the energy and hospitality of the entire College.

    Stephanie Decker, Director
    Kiesendahl School of Hospitality
    The Lakefront Anchorage Hotel

    We love buying from Pins by Frank! Thank you for always having the best customer service and quick response time. We’ve been ordering pineapple pins for our employee reward program the past 3 years and have experienced nothing but the best when dealing with your company. Keep up the amazing work and thank you for being a fantastic vendor.

    Angela Marie
    Anchorage Alaska, April 2016 on Facebook