Starfish Pins & Making a Difference

Starfish Pins & Lessons Learned about Making a Difference

Starfish Pins symbolize the lessons learned in the Starfish Story. The story talks about a young boy who tried to make a difference.

Pins by Frank offers starfish pins that inspire thoughts about the significance of self-love and balancing love for others.

In the Starfish Story, written by Loren Eiseley, a writer enjoys a morning walk along the beach before beginning his workday when he suddenly spots a young man enjoyably dancing along the same path. Thereafter, with eagerness and admiration, the writer walked faster to catch up with the prancing and dancing young man to inquire about his purpose.

Starfish lapel pin

Starfish Pins & Making a Difference

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Starfish Story, about Making a Difference

Starfish Pins & Lessons Learned about Making a Difference – Continued

Continuing closer, he saw that the young man wasn’t dancing at all, but as he walked along the beach, he was picking up what looked like small stones and tossing them into the ocean. Eventually, as the man caught up, he called to the boy: “Hello there, young man; can I ask you what you are doing?”

Then, the boy looked at him and, after pausing momentarily, replied, “Picking up starfish and throwing them back in the ocean.” Not understanding the boy’s answer, the man continued, “But why are you throwing them back?”

As if it was a silly question, the boy answered, “The tide is out, and the sun is hot; they’ll die on the beach if I don’t throw them back in.” The writer spoke again. “Young man, don’t you know how long this beach is? There must be a million starfish here. There’s no way you can save them all, you can’t possibly make a difference!”

Unconcerned at the man’s point, the boy picked up another starfish. Then, as he hurled it back into the sea, he smiled and said, “I made a difference to that one!”

The lesson each of us learns from the starfish story is that we may not be able to save the world, but we can do something! Further, it is very important to do what we can to make a difference.

Wearing starfish pins will provide a lasting reminder of the Starfish Story and how we can try to make a difference.

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