Ribbon Pins, Pink for Cancer Awareness

Ribbon Pins, Pink for Cancer Awareness

In 1992 ribbons and the ribbon pin were introduced in an effort to build awareness and support for the breast cancer cause. Thanks to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Pink Ribbons and the pink ribbon pin flooded the market and continues to do so. Breast cancer month has traditionally been celebrated in October.

Pink Ribbon Pins:  1.25″ high & 1″ wide

$4.50 each 1-11

$2.25 each 12 -99. Sale at $2.00 each

$2.00 for each 100+, Sale at $1.75 each

Our Ribbon Pins are avaialble in any color to support any event or fundraiser. 


Our Ribbon pins are 1.25″ tall and 1″wide.  All colors are hand painted and lead free.  The Pink ribbon is used to support the fight against breast cancer.

These pins are great for fundraisers.


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