September 11th Pin

September 11th Pin

Our September 11  (911) pins are approx. 1″ x 1″ and made with a pewter finish.

9-11  Pins

1 to 11 $5.00 each
12 to 99 $3.00 each
100+ $2.75 each


Pins By Frank is honored to work with many people who have stories to tell. The following was written by a Rhode Island resident who made lapel pins in 2021 to Honor those that lost their lives on September 11, 2001. Pins by Frank is proud to share his story and how he is Honoring those who were part of September 11, and the many who lost their lives.

 My name is Bill Babikian. I’m a retired Ironworker from Local #& Boston MA. I had the honor of being a member of MATF-1 Urban Search and Rescue from 2003 to 2018. During my years as an ironworker I collected many different pins from other iron worker locals. The came from all over the USA and Canada.

After 911 Ironworkers Local 40 from Manhattan NY made a replica of the cross which was found at ground zero. The cross was formed by a column and beam which was left standing. Each year I’d come across a few pins and I’d give them to members of the search team. They were a great hit. They’d wear the pin on their lapel or hat to honor that day. Since them I’ve been giving pins to members and first responders.

When the 20th Anniversary of 911 was coming I found Marie and Frank who made the cross pins for me. I have since retired from the USAR team but I still give out pins. It’s my way of giving back to the men and women who give their time and lives to keep us safe, and to Honor the ones who lost their lives on that tragic day.”

Thank you for reading

Bill Babikian, IRW #7, MATF-1 USAR


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