Lighthouse Pins

Lighthouse Pins

Our Seaside Collection offers a variety of Lighthouse Pins in multiple color selections.

 Ready-to-ship Lighthouse pins are 1 ¼ inches tall, have a butterfly clutch and are available in a variety of colors; Black & White, Red & White and Diamond Dust.

Lighthouse Pins; 1.25″ tall, gold finish

1 – 11 Pins: $5.00 each

12 – 99 Pins:  $2.75 each

100+ Pins:  $2.50 each

For Customized Lighthouse Pins:

They can be ordered with MA for Massachusetts and CC for Cape Cod with a Minimum of 150 pins.

For custom colors there is a 150 pin minimum and additional fees may apply.  For a free quote please email [email protected] or use the form below.

They can be customized for any other state and color combination. There is a one-time fee for making models & molds for custom States not listed.




Custom Lapel Pin Company

Lighthouse Pins Symbolize Hope and will light the way.

For hundreds of years, lighthouses have provided guidance and direction – a point of light in a time of need, a beacon of help and hope.

The Lighthouse Pins designed by Pins By Frank are unique, colorful and have been enjoyed by collectors and Lighthouse fans alike.

Our three color combinations Re & White, Black & White and Diamond Dust are in-stock items.

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