American Flag Lapel Pins

American Flag Lapel Pins -Wave Design is Hand Painted & Made in the USA

Lapel Pin, Custom Pins By Frank JewelryAmerican Flag Lapel Pins with Wave Design – Made In The USA Our American Flag Lapel pins have a wave design and were made to be worn in honor of our country, service men & women and veterans. The wave design is to signify the appearance of the flag while raised. Our American Flag lapel pins are USA made, in Rhode Island. The red, white and blue colors are carefully hand painted to result in lasting quality.

Our American Flag lapel pin has 13 horizontal red & white stripes which represent the original British colonies of the United States. The 50 white stars set in a blue background, represent the 50 states of America. Our American flag lapel pins are perfect for veteran and civic groups, or anyone who wants to show their national pride with a lapel pin.

American Flag Lapel Pins – Small

According to Wikipedia, The red, white and blue colors have meaning in the US Coat of Arms.

Red stands for bravery and strength, white, stands for purity, hope and innocence, and blue for watchfulness, perseverance, truth and justice. Nicknames for the American Flag include “Old Glory” and “Stars & Stripes and the “Star Spangled Banner.” A great value for special events.

American Flag Pins – Rhinestone

June 14, observed as Flag Day and July 4th are dates when American Flag Lapel pins are proudly worn to celebrate and honor our country, our service men & women and our Veterans. Wearing American Flag Lapel Pins on these days sends a message of liberty and patriotism