Custom Association & Organization

Custom Made Association, Organization and Student Club Pins

Many of our pins can be customized to meet your individual needs. The medium and large pineapple pins can be customized to include choice of color or initials of your school or organization. Examples pictured include; Johnson & Wales University, North Dakota State, Fort Hayes State, Denver University, Scott Community College and Michigan State. There is a one-time model fee for all custom work.

Elks Club Mask pin

Several year ago the incoming President of the Elks of Rhode Island asked us to create a custom pin for his term.  He told us the elements he wanted included and it was  very unique and he was quite pleased.

National Guard Association of RI

In 2010 the RI National Guard Association ordered a custom made pin with their association letters and the year as an exchange pin for their annual meeting. In other years, selections were made from our Rhode Island Collection which include our Ocean State pin, our Rooster pin and our RI Lighthouse pins with RI on them.

Nonprofit and Government Pins

 Nonprofit and Government Pins

Nonprofit and Government pins were designed using customized logos, colors or organization themes or designs.  Nonprofit and Government pins pictured include; A Rhode Island Banner pin made for the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation and used in a Marketing campaigne for the city,  the Eagle Device made for the Rhode Island National Guard, the Metropolis “HOPE”Lighthouse pin and the pin made for the City of Central Falls.  This pin with its’ extensive detail,  is a perfect example of a pin made using a label insert.  It is with a metal background, inserted label and epoxy cover finish. 

 There is a one time model making fee for all custom made pins as well as a minimum of 150 pins. Call today for a free quote for your Nonprofit and Government pins project today.  401-261-6785

Central Falls Rhode Island Pin

The City of Central Falls ordered custom made lapel pins with their city logo which has significant detail.  We made their pins using a process that uses labels and epoxy. A 1″ round metal back was selected with gold finish.  Labels were affixed and sealed in with epoxy.  The result was perfect!

Custom Made University Lapel Pins

Custom Made University Lapel Pins 

Many of our custom made university lapel pins can be designed to meet your individual needs. The medium and large pineapple pins can be custom made to include choice of color or initials of your school or organization as well as your logo.  Examples of our custom made university lapel pins pictured include; Johnson & Wales University, North Dakota State, Fort Hayes State, Denver University, Scott Community College and Michigan State. There is a one-time model fee for all custom work.

Pineapple Pin for Johnson & Wales University

In 1999, Dr. Karen Silva expressed interest in a custom made lapel pin for incoming students of the Johnson & Wales University of Hospitality. We customized our medium pineapple pin, adding the letters JWU.  The letters have hand-painted blue behind them and the pin is finished in shiny gold. The pins have been given to incoming student and are also used at the Denver and Charlotte Campuses. They continue to be a hit.

Pastry Arts Club

The Pastry Arts Club ordered a custom made pin many years ago.  At that time we designed a pastry bag, available in many colors.  Now they have narrowed their favorite down to a light green in a shiny gold finish.

Culinaria Latina

The custom made lapel pins for Culinaria Latina were made using a metal backing, in this case a one inch circle with military clutch back.  Labels were made of their logo and then a clear epoxy finish was applied.  The resulting is a beautiful custom made lapel pin that will last for many years.  This process is a great choice for logos that have a great deal of detail.        

Future Food Entrepreneurs

The Future Food Entrepreneurs, a Johnson & Wales Providence Campus Student Organization, opted for a label with Epoxy process for their custom made lapel pins, choosing a silver finish to complement their Chef’s Coat logo.

Johnson & Wales University College of Hospitality Management

Johnson & Wales University College of Hospitality Management was our first customer in 1999. At that time we customized our medium pineapple pin with the letters JWU and added a blue hand painted background.. JWU pineapple pins pins are given to incoming students at the Providence, Charlotte and Denver Campuses and continue to be very popular with students.

Corporate and Meeting Planner Pins

Corporate and Meeting Planner Pins 

Many of our  Corporate and Meeting Planner pins can be customized to meet your individual needs, using your logo or theme of choice.  Examples pictured include; The Martel Swift pin made working with Legacy Marketing, the Hand to Lips pins designed by Vol. 4, a division of Roc Nation, Koala pins ordered by Living Ventures in the UK and the all copper pins including the Statue of Liberty, an Oscar pin and Fleur Di Lis pins to name a few- all designed by Contageous Marketing in the UK.  There is a one-time model fee for all custom work as well as a minimum of 150 pins.  Call for your free quote today.

Custom Made Martell Swift Birds

In the first quarter of 2017 we had the opportunity to make a custom made Martell Swift Bird pin working with Legacy Marketing, Chicago. It is finished in shiny gold and has beautiful definition.   We also made custom  Martell Swift Bird cufflinks to compliment the pin. 

Honey Grow Custom Lapel Pin

Honey Grow is a restaurant corporation that began in Philly in 2012.  They now have 16 locations and are poised for new locations going forward. The custom pin made for the combines the concept of hospitality with their log/initials, a win, win to be sure.

Flower pins

This lovely flower pin was ordered by Legacy Marketing for an unnamed Corporate International client.   They sent the design which we made with a white center and green center and a gold finish.

Copper Special Event Pins

This grouping of copper custom made special event pins were made by Pins by Frank in 2015.  They were designed with great attention to detail by Contagious House Marketing in the UK  an International Corporation. 

Seaside Collection reflects “Lighting the Way” and “Making a Difference”

Lighthouse Pins, Lighting the Way

Seaside Collection- A variety of Pins found in and around our Coastlines

Pins By Frank Seaside Collection includes a unique variety of lapel pins, many reflective of USA’s beautiful coastlines. You will find a variety of Lighthouse Pins, Lobster Pins, Sail Boats, Dolphins, and a Quahog/ Clam Pin along with a Starfish Pin and a “Starfish Story” about how the Starfish symbolizes the idea of how small acts of kindness can “Make A Difference.”

Lighthouse Pins; 1.25″ tall, gold finish

                   1 to 11 Pins: $4.50 each

                  12 to 99 Pins: $2.50 each

                   100+ pins: $2.25 each

Seaside Collection Lighthouse Pins “Lighting the Way”

Our Seaside Collection offers a variety of Lighthouse pins in multiple color selections.

Lighthouse pins are 1 ¼ inches tall, have a butterfly clutch and are available in a variety of colors; Black & White, Red & White, Glitter & Diamond Dust, a popular favorite of our clients. For hundreds of years, lighthouses have provided guidance and direction – a point of light in a time of need, a beacon of help and hope.

The Lighthouse Pins designed by Pins By Frank are unique, colorful and have been enjoyed by collectors and Lighthouse fans alike. They are also available with MA for Massachusetts, RI for Rhode Island, and CC for Cape Cod.  They can be customized for any other state and color combination. There is a one-time fee for customization.

Starfish Pins, 3/4,” military clutch, 

          1 to 11 pins: $4.00 each

          12 to 99: $1.70 each

          100+ pins: $1.60 each

Seaside Collection Starfish Pins- Making A Difference

Our Seaside Collection includes a Starfish pin which helps to teach about “Making A Difference.”  They are offered in gold or silver finish. The “Starfish Story,” is about  “Making a Difference” and can be used by trainers, mangers and educators to inspire, motivate and teach. The “Starfish Story” is available on a book mark at $.60 each or can be printed from the home page of our web site.

Clam/Quahog Pin; 1.25″wide x 1″ tall

          1 to 11 pins: $4.00 each

          12 to 99 pins: $1.70 each

          100+ pins:  $1.60 each



Our  Seaside Collection includes the Clam, often called Quahog in the Northeast. These hard shelled clams inhabit waters along the Atlantic coastline.  Small quahogs are called “little necks” and medium ones are called cherry stone’s. Both are seafood favorites throughout New England and the Atlantic coastline. 

Palm Tree pins are 3/4 tall and available in gold finish or with added green painted tops. 

             1-11 pins: $4.00 each

             12 to 99: $1.70 each

             100+ pins $1.60 each

             Green Tops add .50 each


The Palm Tree Pin

The Palm Tree Pin was designed with event planners and the tropics in mind. This pin will enhance a tropical feel for any resort, restaurant or hotel.  Historically, palms were used to symbolize Peace, Victory and Fertility.

They are available with hand painted tops painted tops  and have a military clutch also called butterfly back.

Dolphin Pins are 2″ tall x 1.75″ wide 

                1 to 11 pins: $4.00 each

                12 to 99 pins: $1.75 each

                 100+ pins: $1.60 each

Lobster Pin with Bar Back is 2.1/4″ long x 1″ wide. 

                  1 to 11  pins: $5.00 each

                  12 to 99 pins: $3.50 each

                   100 + pins: $2.75

Scallop Pin, 1/2″ x 1/2″

           1 to 11 pins: $4.00 each

           12 to 99: $1.70 each

            100+ pins: $ $1.60 each



Ribbon Pins

Ribbon Pins, Creating Awareness and Providing Support

Our Ribbon Pins are available in all colors. Ribbon Pins are also commonly referred to as awareness pins. Our awareness pins are 1 ¼” tall x ½” wide. In-stock colors are White, Pink, Red, and Purple and White & Burgundy for the Children’s Awareness Pins. All pins can be personalized on request. For special colors, minimums may be required.

Using these pins to create and celebrate awareness can be attributed to Penelope Laingen, a military wife who tied a yellow ribbon around an oak tree in her yard when her husband was being held hostage in Iran. From that time on, a Yellow Ribbon became the symbol of hope and awareness. Ribbons and the ribbon pin were used to convey the thoughts and prayers that were going out for our troops stationed in faraway places.

White Children’s Awareness Pins: 1″ high x 1/4″ wide $4.00 Each, 12-99 $2.00 each, $1.50 each for 100 +
Red Ribbon Pins: 1.25″ high x 1″ wide $4.00 each, $2.00 each 12 -99 and $1.50 for each 100+

Red Awareness Pins

In the early 1990’s the Aids epidemic waged it’s way across the world. Soon activists adopted the power of awareness ribbons and the ribbon pin and introduced the Red Ribbon to signify the passion, the effort and the investment needed to find a cure

Pink Ribbon Pins, 1.25″ x 1″ wide $4.00 each, $2.00 each for 12-99 and $1.50 each for 100+

Pink Awareness Pins

In 1992 ribbons and the ribbon pin were introduced in an effort to build awareness and support for the breast cancer cause. Thanks to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Pink Ribbons and the pink ribbon pin flooded the market and continue to do so. Breast cancer month has traditionally been celebrated in October.

White Ribbon Pins: 1.25″ high x 1″ wide $4.00 each, $2.00 each 12 – 99 and $1.50 each for 100 +

White Ribbon Pins

White awareness pins are commonly used to create awareness for peace, lung cancer, bone cancer, right to life, adoption, Alzheimer’s disease, blindness, anti-pornography and the Great American Smokeout.

Purple Ribbon Pins: 1.25″ high x 1″ wide $4.00 each, $2.00 each for 12-99 and $1.50 each for 100+

Purple Awareness Pins

Purple Awareness Pins have been used as a symbol of courage and to halt abuse. Causes include Domestic violence, animal abuse, and Alzheimer’s disease.


Rhode Island & Providence Pins, Made in Rhode Island

Rhode Island Anchor Pins

Rhode Island pins and Providence pins represent the smallest state in the United States of America and our capital city. Rhode Island is only 48 miles long and has 384 miles of shoreline. This East coast state, often called the Ocean State, abuts the Atlantic Ocean and offers many miles of beautiful coastline.  Rhode Island pins were designed as a tribute to our State, our City, and our beautiful coastline, which offers endless enjoyment to residents and visitors alike. To see additional pins such as Clam Quahog, Lobster, Starfish and scallop that represent our coastline check out our Seaside Collections.

Pins are 1.25″ tall x 3/4″ wide,hand painted.
1-11 pins:$4.00 Each
       12 to 99 pins: $2.75 each
   100+ pins: $2.50 each

Rhode Island Baseball Pins -Trading Pin-Little League Pins

RI Baseball Pins can be worn by proud team players, used for trading with competing teams or worn by friends and family to show support. Pins made by Pins by Frank are made in Rhode Island, hand painted and are lead free.

R.I. Wave Pin, with Military clutch
$5.00 each 1-11
$2.25 each 12-99
$1,75 each 100

Rhode Island Pins with Wave Design

These Rhode Island Pins are made in recognition of  Rhode Island’s nickname,  Ocean State with a wave design. is available in Aqua and White with Gold finish or Blue and White with Silver finish. They have a military clutch back and can be used to represent our state at trade shoes or game exchanges.

RI Rooster pin is 1″ tall x 3/4″ wide
$4.50 each for 1 to 11
$1,85 each for 12 to 99
$1.70 each for 100+

Rhode Island Red Rooster –Rhode Island’s State Bird

According to Wikipedia, the RI Red is an American breed of chicken first bred in Adamsville, a small part of Little Compton RI. Rhode Island Reds are bred for egg laying, meat and are also show birds.

Dr. NB Aldrich first named the R.I. Red which were called Malays before that. RI Reds were initially bred with a Malay Cock from England which is now on display at the Smithsonian Institution as the father of the R.I. Red.

          RI Anchor Pins

1 to 11 $4.50 each
12 to 99 $1.90 each
100+ $1.70 each

Rhode Island Anchor Pins

The anchor has been used as a symbol for Rhode Island since the colony’s founding in 1636, well before the region claimed statehood. The Seal of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations features a maritime anchor as its central image below the phrase “HOPE.”

Providence Pins

 Providence Pins were created by Pins By Frank as a tribute to a segment of our states history. The Providence Independent Man statue was placed on top of the dome of the Rhode Island State House on December 18, 1899. It is 11 feet tall and consists of 500 pounds of gilded bronze. The many references to an “independent man” that were made during the discussion and planning of the design of the statue led to it being referred to as the “Independent Man.”today. The statue has only been down from his lookout once. On August 9, 1975, the statue was taken down for repair and a new coat of gold leaf. He was returned to his rightful place on July 20, 1976. Providence Pins are made in Rhode Island have been worn proudly to represent our amazing city and this small peace of our history.

Lighthouse Pins with RI are 1.25″ tall  and are offered in Multiple color combinations.

                                      1 to 11:  $4.50 each

                                      12 to 99:  $$2.50 each

                                      100 + :  $2.50 each

Independant  Man Pins , a Providence icon, are  3/4″ square, with a military clutch.

                                     1 to 11: $5.00 each

                                     12 to 99: $2.50 each

                                     100+ : $2.25 each

Rhode Island Light House Pins

Rhode Island Light house pins are offered in Black & White, Red & White, Glitter and Silver Dust.  Our lighthouse pins are available with no initials and can also can be personalized to include you State initials or colors.

Pineapple Pins & Hospitality Collection

Large Pineapple Pins, gold and also hand painted

Pineapple Pins. Symbols of Hospitality, are Made with Pride

Pineapple pins, made by Pins By Frank, are proudly made in the U.S.A. with a blend of 3 metals. They are offered in three sizes; small, medium and large and all have a military clutch, also referred to as a butterfly clutch. 

There is a very interesting story explaining the history behind how these pins have become a “Symbol of Hospitality”  worldwide.  Pins by Frank has developed a book mark with the  “Pineapple Story.”  Although there are many versions of this story, the version we chose of The Story of the Pineapple is available, as a book mark and compliments our pins beautifully.

Our  small pineapple  is ¾” tall, curved, and is available in gold, silver and copper finishes.  Medium and large pineapple pins are available with hand painted green tops, Italian colors of red, green & white or glitter tops and can also be customized in your choice of painted tops.  There is a minimum for custom colors. The medium and large pineapples are flat, beautifully detailed and can be customized with business or University initials and colors. Examples of this are available on our website under Custom made Lapel Pins.

The Pineapple & Hospitality Collection is very versatile and provides a cost effective tool to enhance sales, welcome visitors or reward employees.  

A Few Creative Ideas

Many of our clients have shared how our Hospitality collection has been used creatively and cost effectively and a few of these ideas are mentioned below. 

Our small pineapple, with the gold, silver and copper finishes have been very popular for employee recognition/ awards programs. 

Another popular idea is to use these hospitality pins (symbolizing welcome) at trade shows or on sales calls. Many collected business cards are discarded after a trade show but not a business card that has a lovely little pin attached to it. That one will be kept.

Many churches and organizations have purchased these pins to “Welcome” new members.  

To see the full list of ideas and  how these pineapple pins have been successfully used by our clients please visit the  Creative Ideas for our Collections & Products page on our website.

A Few Reviews we’d like to share:

We would like to share a few of our  reviews.  For any client who would like to be connected with the folks who wrote the reviews, I have every confidence they would be willing to share their thoughts.  For Frank & me, our clients have also become friends and we are grateful for their business and their wonderful reviews;

 Timothy Lam,  Executive Director of  The International School of Hospitality,  5 Stars

“We have been buying from Pins By Frank for almost 10 years. Excellent service, friendly and fast delivery. Highly recommend,”

 Katie Davin,  Johnson & Wales  College of Hospitality Management,  5 Stars

“Pins by Frank is always our go to for our pins. The workmanship is high quality and the service is friendly & reliable. Prices are reasonable.  I would not go to anyone else.”

David Bradley, V.P, Sales & Services,   Shreeveport-Bossier Convention & Tourist Bureau’s 5 Stars

” I have used pins by Frank for a few years and always get a great product at reasonable prices.  Marie is a gem to deal with and very quick when we place orders. They also recently offered me some overstock of my favorite Pineapple pins at very reasonable pricing. Look around and I guarantee you will comeback for their pricing and great service.”

Dr. Ruth Smith, CHE, MIH, Assistant Professor Bob Billington School of Hospitality, President of ICHRIE-SECSA Federation, 5 Stars

” The dean, faculty and students of the Bob Billington School of Hospitality Management at Bethune- Cookman wear the Custom made B-CU pineapple pins created by Pins By Frank as part of our daily attire. We are so thankful for the excellent service and professionalism that we receive year after year, even with our urgent orders, Marie is phenomenal and pays much attention to every detail. Thank You Marie! You are AMAZING! We LOVE your pins so much, and we take pride in not only wearing them but pinning them on our distinguished visitors.”

Hospitality Club of Schenectady, Lisa Ciancetta, President


“I was thrilled to get the pins so quickly and even happier I could show my adviser.  So far….  everyone loves them!  The pictures don’t do them justice. The pins are classy. Thank you.

I know I will be doing business again.  I printed out the other pineapple items and am bringing them to today’s Hospitality  Club meeting. Thank you for all your help.

Lackawana College, Stephanie Decker, Director, Kiesendahl School of Hospitality

“Lackawana College is catching employees doing something right. Members of the College family are encouraged to award pineapple pins to a member of the administration, staff, and faculty or student body caught in the act of hospitality towards another. Everyone checks to see who got pins and how they got them. It has increased the energy and hospitality of the entire College.”


Be sure to check out and like our facebook page.

Dachshund Lapel Pins

Dachshund Lapel Pin, Dog Pin, Dog Jewelry, Custom, Jewelry, Copper, silver, finish
Dachshund Lapel Pins are 2 1/2 inches long and 1/2″ to 1″ high. We offer this exceptional pin in Antique silver and Antique Copper finishes.




Dachshund Lapel Pins

Dachshund Lapel pins made by Pins By Frank offer beautiful detail and  make perfects gifts. The dachshund is also referred to as a wiener dog or sausage dog due to its long body and short legs.  Our dachshund pins are a perfect accessory for any use. Attach it to a shirt, jacket, bag, purse, hat or just about anywhere you can affix a pin to. This Dachshund pin makes a super cute design piece to any accessory. It is made in the USA using lead free white metals and is three dimensional.

1 to 11 pins:  $5.00 each                            Our Dachshund Lapel pins have a military back clutch, also called butterfly clutch and are 2.5″ across and 1/2″ to 1 ” tall.

12 to 99: $4.00 each                                   Finish choices include Antique copper and Antique silver.

100 + $3.0o                                                   

                           A bit of Information About Dachshunds (partially taken from Wikipedia) also called Wiener dogs.

A typical Dachshund is long bodied and muscular with short stubby legs. Their front paws are paddle shaped for extreme digging. They are scent hound dogs and bred for hunting small animals. Today, they are excellent family companions, show dogs and small game hunters.  Their temperament can be described as devoted, lively,  clever and a bit stubborn.courageous,

Dog Breed: Hound Dogs,   Height: 8″ to 9″ at shoulder, Weight: 16 to 32 lbs.   Life Span: 12 to 15 years Dachshunds are primarily bred in two sizes; Standard 16 to 32 lbs and Miniature 11 to 16 lbs, also referred to as “Tweenies”

                                                                    Would you like Custom Made Pins of  Your Breed?

                                    Pins By Frank also offers customization. If you’s like us to make  custom pins for your breed just let us know.  Custom orders do require a minimum of 150 pins and take 4 to 8 weeks to make.  For a free quote, just email or call Marie at 401-943-8925.

Custom Made Lapel Pins – Your Logo or Your Design

General Information & Examples of  Custom Made Lapel Pins

Pins by Frank is eager to work with you to create your custom made lapel pins that will achieve your goals, exceed your expectations and provide you with a competitive advantage. 

Personalized Lapel pins provide many benefits to Corporations, Associations, Organizations, Clubs and Universities.

Having a personalized pins serves to promote your brand in many ways.

  • Enhanced  visibility resulting in more customers and more business
  • Employee or Client Reward  or Incentive Programs
  • Communicate pride 
  • What better way to welcome  new employees, new club or organization members members, or new students.

We take pride in offering pins made from a mixture of white metals, lead free and hand painted.  All pins have a military clutch back, also called a butterfly back unless a different back is requested.   Processing time is about 4 to 6 weeks so call today to get started!  401-943-8925

We are more then happy to assist in helping you by making suggestions once you’ve let us know what you have in mind.

Be sure to browse through our gallery of work done (to the right) to get ideas and a look at the quality of our work and attention to detail.

To receive a Free Quote we will need:

  • A picture of your  logo, design or your company or school letters.
  • Your shape and size preference
  • The finish; choosing from gold, silver, pewter, antique, or copper.
  • The paint colors, if needed. Let us know if there is a PMS, Pantone Matching System color you’d like us to match.
  • The quantity desired (150 minimum)
  • ” Need by” date if there is one ( custom made  lapel pins require approximately 6 to 8 weeks from order  approval to delivery.)

  Corporate, Meeting Planner & Themed 

Market your business using custom made lapel pins with your logo.  Meeting planners will proudly wear the lapel pins of the company or organization they represent. 

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University Lapel Pins 

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 Association, Organization and Student Club Pins

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 City, State, and Government
& Non-Profit Lapel Pins

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