Small Pineapple Pins

Small Pineapple Pins

Small Pineapple Pins 

Our 3/4″ Small Pineapple Pins are Made in the USA and offer beautiful detail.  Choose from Gold, Silver, Shiny Copper & Vintage copper.

Our copper pins now have a special new baked in coating to extend their shelf life.  

Choose from Gold, Silver, Shiny Copper & Vintage Copper

$4.50  each. 1 to 11
$2.35 each 12 to 99
$2.25 each 100 +

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Small Pineapple pins-Information and Details.  Now offering an additional copper choice!!  

The small pineapple pins offered by Pins By Frank are our most popular pins. They are available in Gold, Silver, Shiny Copper and now, our new Vintage copper. (a little darker)

Our copper pins now have a new baked in lacquer coating to insure an extended shelf life.

Many of our clients have successfully used these and other pins in our Pineapple Collection for Employee Recognition/ or Awards programs.

Our lapel pins are Made in the U.S.A, and are impressively detailed and lead free.

The perfect compliment to our pineapple pins is the “Pineapple Story” book mark that explains how the pineapple became a symbol of Hospitality..

We now offer Customization of the book mark  for your company or organization with a minimum of 250 book marks.

Please check out the “Pineapple Story” Here

Please check our “Pineapple Trio” to purchase 3 assorted colors.

Popular Ideas Shared by Our Clients for Pins By Frank Pineapple & Hospitality Collection.

Other ideas our clients have shared include using these “little symbols of hospitality” at trade shows or on sales calls.  Often business cards are discarded but not if they have a pineapple pin attached.  This is a cost effective gift that everyone will love.

Many churches  and organizations use our pineapple pins to welcome new members!


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