Copper Special Event Pins

This grouping of copper custom made special event pins were made by Pins by Frank in 2015.  They were designed with great attention to detail by Contagious House Marketing in the UK  an International Corporation.  It is my understanding that the pins were made for special events of the company.  The models were all made by Peter Birch who also is a master of detail.


Hand to Lips Pin

In May of 2017 Pins by Frank was commissioned to make a custom made lapel pin for Crate & Barrel, CB2. The pins were designed by Vol. 4, a division of Roc Nation and commissioned by Lauren Sims Creative, of California, who worked with us on all of the details of the project. We had worked with Lauren on other projects and it was a pleasure to do so again.

The pin is called “Hand to Lips.” The pin is 1 ¼” tall and ½” wide at its widest point.  The painting on the pin is hand done in black and the finish gold.  It is indeed a stunning pin. The back has a military / butterfly clutch.

We were told that its launch was a great success and were very pleased to know that it was well received.