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Hope Lighthouse Pin

The Hope Lighthouse Pin- Inspiring Hope

The Hope Lighthouse pin was made by Pins By Frank  in 2014 at the request of Rudy Bess, Founding Director of the Hope Light House Foundation. The pin is an outstanding replica of the Light house located in Metropolis, Illinois-yes, also known as the home of Superman & Lois Lane!

“The lighthouse was  dedicated to fight against all cancer on Nov 5, 2014.  It stands 30 feet tall and consists of a white conical shaped, reinforced steel tower beneath a teal daymarkband and black lantern room with a white-light flashing beacon. It overlooks the Ohio River in Metropolis, Illinois. The white tower represents the fight against lung cancer, the teal daymarkband represents the fight against ovarian cancer, the black lantern room is symbolic of a cancer patient’s dark journey and the white light represents Hope that all cancer patients will be cancer survivors and lead full and active lives. “

Central Falls Rhode Island Pin

The City of Central Falls ordered custom made lapel pins with their city logo which has significant detail.  We made their pins using a process that uses labels and epoxy. A 1″ round metal back was selected with gold finish.  Labels were affixed and sealed in with epoxy.  The result was perfect!

Rhode Island Banner Lapel Pins

Rhode Island custom made banner pins

Custom Made Lapel Pins for Rhode Island Commerce Corporation

In September of 2017, Frank & I completed a custom made lapel pin for the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation.  We worked with Nail Communications of Providence who designed the pin and the card that it was affixed to.  We also worked together to make sure every detail was perfect.

The custom made lapel pin is a banner with the words Rhode Island inside it.  The paint was baked enamel and two different color schemes were selected.   The first was a deep blue with light blue accents on a matte gold finish, the second was red, with light blue accents and a matte gold finish.

The business size card, printed in matching colors “deputized Rhode Island Champions” to tell others about the assets of our great state!

The purpose of the custom pin was to promote Little Rhody.  Laura Salamano, of RI commerce Corporation “sees this as a way to get Rhode Islanders involved in promoting the state by inviting them to be our spokespeople.  As we look to attract visitors, we wanted to include those who can speak most authentically and passionately about our state.”

In September, over a three day period, the commerce team worked with TF Greene Airport officials and FII Marketing to distribute the pins and cards to passengers leaving Rhode Island so they might tell others about our amazing little state.