Creative Ideas

Creative Ideas for University Pins Johnson Wales University, Business card cases, Letter Openers, Gifts, Crystal Set, Graduation GiftsCreative Ideas for “Pins by Frank” Lapel Pins


Creative Ideas for “Pins by Frank” lapel pins have been shared with us by our customers of Colleges, Universities, High Schools and Middle Schools.  Many colleges and Universities have customized the medium Pineapple Pin with their school initials and colors to give to new students at the start of the school year.

  • Johnson & Wales University has a program in place that includes the graduation year on the pin in addition to their letters, JWU.
  • Many colleges have purchased our Pineapple Pins and products, such as business card cases with pineapple and letter openers with pineapple to give as gifts to school visitors and during the holiday season.
  • The staff of Daniels College of Business used the medium pineapple to celebrate their 60 year Diamond Jubilee anniversary by customizing the pin with their school letters and having a small crystal set in the pin above their initials.

Creative Ideas Used by Meeting and Special Event Planners

  • When planning a themed party, try using a pin to complement the theme. Examples of pins we’ve made include an Oscar Pin, a Statue of Liberty pin, or a Flamingo pin.

Creative Ideas Used by Hotels, Convention & Visitor Bureaus, and Tourism Boards

  • Many hotels and hotel management companies have used our Pineapple Pins to welcome their guests by attaching the pin to a welcome letter or card.
  • Several hotel chains have created employee recognition and reward programs using our copper, silver, and gold finish minor Pineapple Pin Trio.

Creative Ideas Used by Adult Retirement Community

  • Many adult retirement communities have used the pineapple pin for marketing luncheons, where residents act as ambassadors and are given a pineapple pin to wear on their name badge. They then share their experiences and open their apartments to potential new residents.

Creative Ideas Used by Companies, Businesses, Corporations, and Sales Ideas

  • Affixing a small Pineapple Pin to a business card when attending a trade show leaves a lasting impression. Be rest assured your business card will be kept because of the pin.
  • Also, when making sales calls, a small Pineapple Pin attached to your business card will be a gift long remembered.

Organizations, Clubs, Associations, Spa & Plantations

  • An incoming President used our Pineapple Pin to celebrate the Fruit of Spirit and encourage those around her.
  • We have one client who owns a Spa and has been rewarding her best clients with our large Pineapple Pins for many years.
  • We have had several pineapple plantation owners purchase them for their gift shops.