Association & Organization

National Guard Association of RI

The National Guard Association of Rhode Island has selected several pins from our Rhode Island pin collection when attending the annual meeting.  In 2010 they opted to create a custom pins and asked Pins By Frank to make a clam with the their Association initials and the date.  Other pins they have selected include our Rhode Island Rooster pin, our Ocean State pin and our lighthouse pins with RI.


Elks Club Mask pin

Several year ago the incoming President of the Elks of Rhode Island asked us to create a custom pin for his term.  He told us the elements he wanted included and it was  very unique and he was quite pleased.

Operation Peace, Love & Bread Club

Operation: Peace, Love & Bread Club, a student organization of Johnson & Wales Providence campus ordered a 1” circular custom made lapel pin with their logo.  It is finished in gold and had a deep blue paint behind the words and design.  

Food Photography Club

The Food Photography Club, a student organization of Johnson & Wales University Providence Campus ordered a custom made lapel pin and we made a mini camera in hand painted black and silver finish.