Custom Association & Organization

Custom Made Association, Organization and Student Club Pins

Many of our pins can be customized to meet your individual needs. The medium and large pineapple pins can be customized to include choice of color or initials of your school or organization. Examples pictured include; Johnson & Wales University, North Dakota State, Fort Hayes State, Denver University, Scott Community College and Michigan State. There is a one-time model fee for all custom work.

Elks Club Mask pin

Several year ago the incoming President of the Elks of Rhode Island asked us to create a custom pin for his term.  He told us the elements he wanted included and it was  very unique and he was quite pleased.

National Guard Association of RI

In 2010 the RI National Guard Association ordered a custom made pin with their association letters and the year as an exchange pin for their annual meeting. In other years, selections were made from our Rhode Island Collection which include our Ocean State pin, our Rooster pin and our RI Lighthouse pins with RI on them.